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Performance issue with report /COCKPIT/REPETITOR

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The PDAP standard report /COCKPIT/REPETITOR is taking a long time to finish.


Performance issues in Program Coding.

Processing invoices with a large number of items or a large PO History.


  1. Potential solution already available with versions : Process Director Accounts Payable PD AP 7.7 SP 6, PD AP 7.8 SP 4, PD AP 7.9 SP 2 and higher Versions (SP= Service Pack).
  2. Implement RSPDN1674298 to improve the performance. Contact Kofax Technical Support to retrieve the correction.
  3. Improved Repetitor performance updates to include Parallel Processing/Multithreading will be available in Version 7.8 Support Pack 6 (some time in 2023) and newer versions.  Monitor the Knowledge Base and Product Documentation pages for updates.

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Process Director Accounts Payable ALL      




Article # 3041306