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Process Director Accounts Payable web application actions takes a long time (less Performance)

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Logging into the Process Director Accounts Payable web application takes a long time.

Performance issues can be related to one or more users.

Performance issues creating/saving/submitting check requests/invoices.

Saving text that takes awhile then produces "A server called failed - please clear your browser cache and try again. (504)" error.



Table /EBY/PDWA_TPAR contains user-specific parameters related to the PD web application. Entries are added to this table when using the input suggestions that appear as users begin typing in certain input fields. The system also saves previous input suggestions for user profile options. Essentially, the system will save an entry to this table for any parameter change or input field edited by an end user. Deleting entries will only remove the input suggestion for that user. It does not have an impact on the inputs or parameters directly. 

The number of entries in the /EBY/PDWA_TPAR can cause these issues if there are an extremely large number of entries for the user(s).  There was a bug that caused too many suggestions to be saved to this table.  The bug fix corrected it so that suggestions are now only retained when a document is saved, forwarded, queried or approved.  This bug fix does not delete existing entries from the table.  Use one of the solutions below to remove entries from the table if/when a user reports performance issues and has an extremely large number of entries in this table.



You must update to the current Process Director Accounts Payable web application (7.7 PL14; 7.8 PL8; 7.9 PL3) to solve the problem permanently.  Visit the Kofax Delivery Site to download the deployment files.

There are several options to delete entries from this table so users can work without performance issues until you can update to the latest Patch Level for your version.

Note: The user must not be logged on to the PD Web Application when deleting table entries from /EBY/PDWA_TPAR otherwise all entries will be written back to the table by the web application.

You may have to perform Option 1 OR Option 2 multiple times until you are able to update to the latest patch level that fixes the issue.

Option 1 -- preferred method) Go to SE37 and execute function module /EBY/PDWA_RFC_SET_PARAMS and set the parameters per below.  This option removes ONLY the suggestion related entries (it does not remove user-specific profile entries).  

The user is an SAP user with the user ID of TEST in the screenshot below from the local test system.  You should use I below if the user is a WUM user. 

Import Parameters                        Value
IS_USER                                    STEST (S for SAP user and TEST for the user id)


IC_TYPE                                    S (This parameter is not user type and must be S)


IT_PARAMS                               0 Entries

IS_USER = User Type | User name (you can find what to use here in the table /EBY/PDWA_TPAR in the fields PD_USERTYPE and PD_USER).
IC_TYPE = S -- this must be an S

After pressing F8 all relevant data should be deleted in table /EBY/PDWA_TPAR. There will be no message output but you can check the table in e.g. SE16.

Option 2) Delete the entries in table /EBY/PDWA_TPAR for the affected user. You can monitor the table for the user once you delete the entries to make sure that it does not grow that large again.  This option deletes ALL entries from this table, including the user-specific profile entries.

  1. Login to SAP
  2. Open table /EBY/PDWA_TPAR with SE16 transaction (you cannot use SE16n)
  3. Write your PD_USERTYPE and PD_USER, TYPE = I (WC user) or S (SAP user)
  4. Press F8
  5. Select all entries
  6. From menu choose Table Entry -> Delete all
  7. Check the contents of the table for a few days to see how many entries exist (to make sure it is not growing unexpectedly).

Option 3) Complete Option 1 or Option 2 above to delete the current entries for the user with the issue.  Turn off suggestions as follows (this affects all users) to stop the duplicate entries from writing to the table for all users until you upgrade to a version of the product that contains a fix for this issue.  Set the pd_suggest_mode=off in the file located on the web application server in the \Apache Software Foundation\Tomcat X.X\webapps\wcconfig\ folder. You will need to stop and start the Apache Tomcat service once you change this parameter.


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Applies to  

Product Version Build Environment Hardware
Process Director Accounts Payable WepApplication 7.7.14 7.8.8 7.9.3      


Check the Web Application Configuration Guide and Web Application Patches for your version here.


Article # 3041746