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Replacement images are not displayed in PROCESS DIRECTOR

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Question / Problem: 

After uploading a new version of an existing image in PROCESS DIRECTOR, the original image is still displayed.

Answer / Solution: 

This issue occurs when the original image is stored in the web application's cache folder. When an image is opened in PROCESS DIRECTOR, a cache of the image is stored in the [drive]:\<tomcat_install>\webapps\pdweb-app\temp folder for 24 hours.

To resolve this issue, clear the cache of the web server to display the new version. This can be accomplished in one of two ways:

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  1. Restart the server hosting the web server.

  2. Manually delete the files in the [drive]:\<tomcat_install>\webapps\pdweb-app\temp folder.

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Process Director Accounts Payable 7.7 Troubleshooting




Article # 3014369