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How to determine which Oracle version is used for the ReadSoft INVOICES server and clients

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To determine the full version and build of Oracle used for the ReadSoft server and clients, perform the following steps:

  1. Open the eiglobal.ini configuration file, and make note of the user name, password, and server.


    For example, if the eiglobal.ini file includes the following information, then the user name is makn1, the password is makn2, and the name of the Oracle server is oracledb:
    Type=Oracle Version=9 Server=oracledb Username=makn1 Password=makn2

  2. Click the Windows Start button, click Run, and then type sqlplus <user name>/<password>@<server name>.
    Using the information provided in step 1, this command would read as follows:

    sqlplus makn1/makn2@oracledb

  3. Click OK. After a few seconds, a windows with text similar to the following example will appear. The first release listed will be the client version, and the second release listed will be the server version. SQL*Plus: Release - Production on Thu Sep 8 15:49:23 2005 (c) Copyright 2001 Oracle Corporation. All rights reserved.
    Connected to: Oracle9i Enterprise Edition Release - Production With the Partitioning, OLAP and Oracle Data Mining options JServer Release - Production SQL

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