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Adjusting Sender Settings in the Collector Converters

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When a particular sender's email requires additional settings to properly convert the attachments to usable images in Invoices, the settings for the Converters can be updated per sender.


In the Manager module, click Plugins -> ReadSoft Collector.

On the Plugins tab in the Collector configuration dialog, highlight the converter to be edited, then click the Edit button.

edit button.JPG

In many cases, there is an additional dialog listing all configured Converter types. Simply highlight the Converter to be edited and click Configure.


In the search box at the top of the Senders list, enter the email address (or the address to apply the settings to the full sender's domain) you wish to edit, the search list is automatically updated.


Highlight the sender to be edited and then update the settings in the right hand pane to reflect the needs for this particular sender. 

Default Sender Settings.JPG

For example, if a customer wishes to disable the PDF Converter for this sender, the Enabled checkbox can be cleared as shown below.


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Article # 3038344
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