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COLLECTOR fails to process PDF Attachments

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COLLECTOR fails to convert a PDF during the Interpret job, thus moving the email to the Error folder or crashing the Interpret job and leaving the email in the Working folder.


The issue could be with

  • Interpret service or
  • an issue with the email body
  • and/or attachment(s).

We will go through each item below.

Interpret Service

The first thing you can do is to move the email back to the Source folder and see if the Interpret service can process the email a second time.

If the email is moved to the error folder again, then the issue is with the email and/or attachment(s).

Email Body

You can forward the email back to the source folder.  The act of forwarding changes the email body.

If this forwarded email also goes into the error folder, then the issue is likely to be with the attachment(s).


Please open the attachments in a PDF reader.  If they fail to open then please request your vendor to re-create the invoice and resend to you.

If the PDF file opens and Interpret Is having issues, please try the following:

Use the Microsoft Print To PDF function in Adobe to recreate the PDF using valid formatting. This will tell you if the failure is due to something within the original PDF.

  • Open the original PDF in Adobe
  • Select File > Print
  • Set the selected printer in the drop-down menu to "Microsoft Print to PDF"
  • Set your destination and print the newly formatted PDF to that directory
  • Send in a new email with the newly created PDF to test results.


If the issue still persists, please raise a support case and attach the PDF file.


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Article # 3030659
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