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Collector does not process invoices from one email account and emails remain in the working folder

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The invoices for an email account are not processed by Collector and the emails remain in the working folder so they cannot be found in Verify.

During testing, the collector's job never ends when Interpret runs as an application and emails are not processed.


One of the most common causes is that the Processed folder has a large number of emails


1- Stop the Invoices services (INVOICES PM Service and INVOICES PMservice Client)

2- Rename the current "Processed" folder to "Processed_OLD" in the email folders.

3- Create a new folder named "Processed" under the same path in the email.

4- Open Manager > Plugins > Readsoft Collector > input tab, select the corresponding input associated to the collector job which is failing and re-select the new "Processed" folder in folders settings options.


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More information about how to manage input source configurations in ReadSoft Collector:

Article # 3029906