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Does Collector support Modern Authentication

Article # 3029877 - Page views: 1147

Article # 3029877 - Page views: 1147


Our company is required to use Modern Authentication instead of supplying a UserID & Password.  Is this supported within the Collector?


Collector and above does provide support for Modern Authentication.

OAuth 2.0 was implemented back in 6-5 HF3 via the EWS with OAuth protocol, however, Collector 6.5 HF3 & HF4 only uses the Microsoft ADAL (Microsoft.IdentityModel.Clients.ActiveDirectory) library to get the token using OAuth from Office 365. 

The new MSAL (Microsoft.Identity.Client) / GRAPH REST API was implemented in 6.5 HF5 and above, using the new O365 connection protocol.

Each of these protocols also require creation of one or more App Registrations within Microsoft Azure (one App Registration per mailbox). Additional information is contained within the Help File in the latest Collector software, or via the Collector Help Files online via the links below.

**Important note:   Collector 6.5 Hotfix 11 ( requires Invoices 6.1 or higher.

Level of Complexity 


Applies to  

Product Version Build Environment Hardware
Invoices 6-0      
Collector 6-5 Hotfix 5 and higher    


Configuring EWS with OAuth as in Input Source

Configuring Office365 as an Input Source