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Emails are not being processed


Question / Problem: 

Emails are not being processed

Answer / Solution: 

If emails are not being picked up please try the following steps.

1.       Stop the Interpret service and then run the COLLECTOR job manually by using the Interpret module to see if you get any error messages.

2.       Test the connection to the mailbox by opening Manager and navigating to “Plugins” then “ReadSoft COLLECTOR” Click on the “Input” tab and open the mailbox connection.

Check that you can connect to the server and that you can access each of the folders by clicking on them individually.

1.        If the connection is ok and it is still not processing emails either due to an error or crash please do the following.

A.      Remove all of the emails from the inbox and put them in a temp folder

B.      Run the COLLECTOR job manually from the Interpret module. It should say “No more invoices”

C.      Now place a few emails back into the mailbox and run the job manually again.

D.      If the emails process, keep drop feeding in the emails until you find the one which errors

Please then save this email as an .msg file and raise a new support case attaching the email. We will then be able to investigate this further.


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Author:  Nick Moore

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