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Failure to connect using OAuth with Office 365 or Exchange Web Services in a TLS 1.2 environment

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When configuring an OAuth input source for Office 365 or Exchange Web Services in the COLLECTOR and the environment is restricted to TLS (Transport Security Layer) 1.2, one of the following messages may be displayed during the connection attempt:

  • "The connection to Office 365 failed. An error occurred when sending the request."
  • "The underlying connection was closed: An unexpected error occurred on a send."


Microsoft Windows does not contain necessary Registry entries by default.



For 32-bit Operating Systems:

For 64-bit Operating Systems:

Add the following values to the appropriate Registry Key listed above:

  1. Create a DWORD value named SchUseStrongCrypto and set the value to 1
  2. Create a DWORD value named SystemDefaultTlsVersions and set the value to 1


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COLLECTOR and above and above Current Current


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Article # 3031539
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