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IMAP vs IMAP with Limilabs

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What is the difference between IMAP and IMAP with Limilabs connection?


IMAP is the original and now obsolete input method which is no longer maintained and may not be able to process all emails.

The IMAP with Limilabs connection is the input method which should be used if using IMAP as a connection method.

It also has the ability to use the working folder which means the emails are moved from input to working and then to either processed or error. This process helps to avoid Interpret getting stuck if there is a problem with the email. It is also handy if you are running two COLLECTOR jobs as it means they can both pick up emails from the same folder.

The IMAP with limillabs input method also has better error handling and will attach the error log to the email when it is moved to the error folder.


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