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Invoice Image is blank in Verify, except for logo - when using PDF Converter plugin

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Colored invoice image displays as a partial or fully blank page.


Colored pixels are lighter than the default Image Threshold settings. The Image Threshold specifies the value at which a pixel is made black instead of white.


Adjust the Image Threshold value up or down until you create an acceptable image. 

  • Open Manager and under the Plugins menu item, click COLLECTOR, then choose the Plugins Tab. Highlight the Collector Converters plugin and click the Edit button (notepad and pencil icon).
  • Select the PDF Converter in the COLLECTOR Configuration and then click the Edit button (notepad and pencil icon).
  • In the Sender list, navigate to the sender for this particular supplier or use the search box to find the sender.
    • You may also use the @supplier_domain entry (, for example) to apply the settings to any email received from this supplier.
  • Enable the PDF Converter for this sender and make a change to the "Image Threshold" setting based on the expected value.
    • In most cases where an invoice is blank, start with Image Threshold = 185, then test. The value can be adjusted up or down prior to each test until the desired image is achieved.
    • Valid values for this parameter are 1-255 (255 will result in the entire page being converted to black, 1 to white)
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