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Rename files picked up by Collector

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Is it possible to rename the Image as they are picked up by Collector?


This is possible by carrying out the following steps

Open Manager and then open the Collector Job description and carry out the following steps...

  • In the Interpret > Source settings of the dialog that is displayed, select Data source extension as the invoice source.
  • Select ReadSoft Collector in the drop-down list.
  • Click Configure.
  • Click OK to close the dialogs. Save your changes if prompted to do so

  1. Open or create the job in which you want to change the names for attached/processed files.

  2. On the Input tab, select Rename all files.

  3. Select appropriate macros in the list and click Insert Macro, and/or type the text that you want to use to create filenames for all processed files in the box provided. When this box is filled in, the text specified replaces the file names of all files that have been processed in Interpret and sent to Transfer (including the original file).

    If characters that are not allowed by the host operating system are used (for example, \ / : * ? \ " < > |), they are replaced in the filenames by an underscore character (_). Note that the characters that are not allowed will vary depending on the operating system.


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Article # 3046787
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