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The request body must contain the following parameter client_assertion or client_secret

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Errors when clicking "Connect" for an OAuth input source in COLLECTOR:

The connection to Office365 failed.
A configuration issue is preventing authentication - check the error message from the server for details....

....The request body must contain the following parameter: client_assertion or client_secret...



The Redirect URl is incorrectly set to "web". It must be set to "Public client (mobile & desktop)" 



1. Open the settings for the redirect url in

2. Remove the incorrect url (located under "web")

3. Click on "Add a platform"

4. Select "Mobile and desktop applications"

5. Add a new Redirect URL and give it a new name like e.g. "https://nameOfTheAccount" and save it.

6. Specify the correct/new redirect url in COLLECTOR and click "connect"



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ReadSoft COLLECTOR and newer      


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Article # 3030653
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