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What is the maximum file size for attachments when using COLLECTOR?

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What is the maximum file size/page limit for attachments when using COLLECTOR?



There are many factors to this question that must be considered and the solution will be unique to each client. The factors that you need to consider are:

  • Available RAM on the server
  • Interpret Services configuration – how many instances of Interpret is your system running? How much RAM is used per instance?
  • How many attachments per email – Interpret will use and hold memory until all attachments are processed
  • Amount of pages in each of the attachments – if each page is to be processed, this would increase the amount of RAM needed to process.
  • CPU availability on the server (other software running etc)

As each solution will be different, it is advisable to test your own system with files of different sizes. Test them in batches and using the average size would be a good indication to specify to your vendors.

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