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How to Install/Update an INVOICES License

These installation notes are for all versions of INVOICES.
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Before installation, the license.dat file will need to be modified to include the Flexlm server hostname.

  • Open license.dat using a text editor. Go to line that begins with SERVER and replace the text Change_This with the hostname of the server that Flexlm is installed on. Use a fully qualified domain name if your network is running multiple domains. An IP address can be used.
  • Adding the TCP port numbers that Flexlm uses to communicate with user desktops can sometimes address connectivity issues. You can do this by adding the text "ANY 27000" after the hostname, as well as add text "port=1090" at the end of the line that begins with VENDOR.

For example,

VENDOR   EHLM port=1090

  • Save & close license.dat.

Copy License to 2 Folder Paths - Flexlm & GlobalPath


From the Flexlm license server, copy license.dat file to Flexlm's installation folder (default path C:\Flexlm).


From any machine running INVOICES, copy the new license to the INVOICES GlobalPath folder. 

To get to the GlobalPath, open Windows explorer and enter %readsoftinvoiceslocal% in the address bar. From there, open eilocal.ini using a text editor where the folder location for GlobalPath will be under section [Directory].

From both of these folder location it is okay to remove or archive any existing license.dat files as they can no longer be used. 

Initialize Flexlm Software

From the Flexlm license server, goto the Flexlm installation folder (default path C:\Flexlm),

  1. Open lmtools.exe.
  2. Go to tab Start/Stop/Reread.
  3. Tick the checkbox Force Server Shutdown and click button Stop Server. Note: You can check if the license service has stopped safely when the vendor and license daemons lmgrd.exe and ehlm.exe are no longer running.
  4. Click button Start Service. Note: The Status bar will show “Server Start Successful” once the service has started.
  5. Click Re-Read License File. The Status bar will show “Re-read completed successfully” once the new license data has successfully been installed.


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