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How to add currencies for a single country profile

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By default, the following currencies are configured in INVOICES so that they are selectable within an invoice profile or invoice definition:

  • Swedish krone
  • British pound
  • EU euro
  • US dollar
  • Norwegian krone
  • Czech koruna
  • Danish krone

To add an additional currency for a single country profile, we need to update the Eiglobalextra.ini file for the applicable country profile.

Do the following:

  1. Within the GlobalPath for INVOICES, go to the Country Profiles\<CountryAbbreviation>\<VersionNumber> folder, and then open the Eiglobalextra.ini file in a text editor.

    Note: To determine the appropriate Country and Version for an invoice profile, see How to find the Country and Version of an invoice profile.

  2. Go to the [InvoiceCurrency] section, and then add a new line for the required currency using the following syntax:

    Currency<x>=<transfer_format>, <notation1>, <notation2>, <notation3>,... ;<CurrencyDescription>

    For example:
    Currency3=ARD, ARD, Pesos, ARD$ ; Argentina Dollar

  3. Save and then close the Eiglobalextra.ini file.
  4. Restart any open modules to see the changes reflected in the country profile. Once complete, the new currency will be available for selection in the Invoice profile window in the Manager module, as well as available for selection in the Optimize and Verify modules.
Invoice profile Verify Optimize
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