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How to automatically stop or start INVOICES services

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The following batch files (available here ( will stop or start the Interpret, Transfer, and ReadSoft Production Manager (RPM) INVOICES services. Windows Task Scheduler can be used to create scheduled tasks which will execute the batch files automatically at the desired interval.

Note-Icon.png Note: Remove the .txt extension for the downloaded batch files for them to run correctly.

Each batch file requires a parameter to identify the server name hosting the service. This can be added to the scheduled task in the Edit Action window. Within the Add arguments field, enter the applicable server name.

Screen Shot 2018-07-20 at 6.19.40 AM.png

There are six files included in the ZIP file (one service stop script and one service start script each for Interpret, Transfer, and RPM). Their use will depend on the configuration of the environment, and whether RPM (PRODUCTION service) is being used.

Keywords: Windows Services, Transfer, Interpret

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