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How to change the database login information in the ReadSoft Service Bus (RSB)

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Occasionally, the password for the database user for the ReadSoft Service Bus (RSB) may need to be updated.

This can occur due to the following reasons:

  • Login information for the RSB database has become corrupt or has changed due to internal requirements.
  • The RSBConfig.xml file has been deleted.
  • The RSB database has been exported and is being imported on another computer.

To re-create the SQL login for the RSB database, do the following:

  1. Through a command prompt, go to the ReadSoft.ServiceBus.RecreateUser.exe file, located in the root folder of the RSB installation (by default, the file is found in C:\Program Files\ReadSoft\RSB windows service).
  2. Run the following command, then press Enter:
    ReadSoft.ServiceBus.RecreateUser.exe -user <UserName> -password <password> [- admin <AdminUser>] [-adminpassword <password>]
  3. Reboot the RSB server.

Additional details regarding the command options are as follows:


The login username for the RSB's database (required).


The password for the user above (required).


The login name for the admin user of the DBMS that hosts the RSB's database (optional). If admin and adminpassword are not specified, Windows Authentication is used.


The password for admin above (optional).

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