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How to configure INVOICES to interpret asterisks

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By default, INVOICES is not configured to interpret asterisks as other characters, although it can be configured to do so with the following procedure.

Caution-Icon.png Warning: This method also changes how asterisks appear in the transfer file. To reverse this, a VBA routine must be implemented on an event, such as a Transfer or verification action, that will change the new character back to an asterisk.
  1. Within a text editor, open Ehcharset.ini.
  2. Locate the section that pertains to the language, such as English, that is being used.
  3. Make a note of the code page number on the last line of the language section, which will appear similar to the following example:
  4. Go to the [drive]:\Program Files (x86)\ReadSoft\INVOICES\Bin folder, and open the Ehcharmap50.par file in a text editor.
  5. Locate the two sections that match the code page number found in step 3. For example:
    • ?[1252_PR]
    • [1252_HW]
  6. In each of the sections, change the line *=42 to *=<code>, where <code> is the ASCII code for the character to display in place of an asterisk. For example, to replace asterisks with the plus sign (+), represented by ASCII code 43, type the following:
  7. Save and then close the file.

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