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How to configure a database maintenance plan for the process log

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The INVOICES process log details actions that occur for each invoice processed in the system. This data is kept in separate tables in the database and is not cleared when an invoice is transferred and/or deleted. This information can be useful for troubleshooting when there may be a discrepancy in the ERP system and additional details for the processed invoice are required.

The value of the data in the process log decreases as time passes. Therefore, database maintenance on the table is recommended in order to provide the best performance in an INVOICES environment. A database maintenance plan can be created to remove process log entries older than a certain number of days.

Note-Icon.png Note: The maintenance plan settings will vary due to the age of invoices in a given ERP system and in accordance with the internal processes of an organization.
  1. In the Manager module, click Administration, then click Maintenance.
  2. In the Maintenance window, click New.
  3. In the Plan type list, click Database.
  4. Next to Log file, click browse Screen Shot 2018-07-19 at 3.02.15 PM.png.
  5. Choose a file location and name (ending in .log), then click OK
  6. The Overwrite setting will overwrite the existing log file. This setting is commonly used to avoid large file sizes; however, internal policies should dictate this setting.
  7. Ensure that the Check database integrity option is not selected.
  8. Ensure that all options under the Cleanup section are not selected.
  9. Under the Process log section, select the Remove process log messages older than option.
  10. Choose the number of days which best matches the internal policies for record history in the INVOICES system.
Note-Icon.png Note: If a number of days selected is less than the oldest invoices in the system, the process log history for those invoices will be lost. They will still be able to be processed, but they will not have the associated process log history.
  1. If the process log is used for historical troubleshooting purposes, deleted messages can be saved to a file using the Save deleted messages to file option.

Note-Icon.png Note: This file can become large and will affect the performance of the maintenance plan. Use this feature only when necessary.
  1. Click Finish, then name the plan. The maintenance plan can be run as often as necessary (typically on a weekly basis).

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Article # 301661
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