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How to delete a specific invoice definition

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You need to delete a specific invoice definition


To delete one invoice definition

  1. In the [Manager module] Invoice definitions dialog, right-click the invoice definition and click Delete.

To delete more than one invoice definition

  1. In the [Manager module] Invoice definitions dialog, right-click any invoice definition and click Select all. This selects all items in the list. Or, hold down the Shift key or Ctrl and left-click each desired invoice definition. This selects specific invoice definitions.
  2. Right-click any selected invoice definition and click Delete to delete all selected items.
  • The supplier for the invoice definition is also deleted.
  • You can also delete invoice definitions that meet different criteria using a maintenance plan.
  • If the system contains invoices corresponding to the deleted invoice definitions, those invoices are given the invoice status Scanned.

Additionally: If you receive a message stating that "The invoice definition is locked in the database" when you attempt to delete it then:

1. Right click on the invoice definition and select "Unlock." 

2. Right click on it again and then select "Delete."


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List and search for invoice definitions:

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