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How to encrypt the INVOICES password in the EIGLOBAL file



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To encrypt the eiglobal.ini password, do the following:

  1. Open the eiglobal.ini file located in the environments GlobalPath.
    1. For additional information, please see How to locate the eilocal.ini and eiglobal.ini files used by INVOICES.
  2. Go to the Password= >parameter> entry in the eiglobal.ini file and type the plain text password.
  3. Go to the UseEncryptedPassword= <parameter> entry and set the parameter to a value of 1 (one).
  4. Save the eiglobal.ini file, and then open the Manager module.

After opening the Manager module, the entry EncryptedPassword=1 will automatically be added to the eiglobal.ini file.

Keywords: encryption,password,eiglobal.ini

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