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How to export an invoice profile in ReadSoft INVOICES

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An invoice profile must be exported for use in another system, solution, or as requested by Support.



Invoice profiles can be exported with the following steps.

  1. In the Manager module, click the Administration menu, then choose Export.
  2. In the Export dialog, select Browse and navigate to the location on the file system where the export file should be saved.
  3. Choose the objects to be included by checking the box next to the object name. For example, users can choose the Inbox, Invoice Profiles, and Include Job Descriptions.
    1. Please follow the request from Support for which objects to include.
  4. Under Available: highlight the profile names to be included and then click Add.
    1. Alternatively, choose Select All to add the full list to Selected.
    2. If the incorrect profile is inadvertently added, highlight it in the Selected: section and click Delete.
  5. Once all options are selected, click the Export button.

The sample screenshot below shows the Export dialog with Invoice profiles selected and the USA profile added for export.


NOTE: Once the Export button is clicked, an export file is created by the system in the location chosen in step #2. Depending on the number of objects to be included, the export may put Manager in a Not Responding state until finished, which could take several minutes.


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