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How to license the COLLECTOR Converters

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The latest releases of the various components available from Kofax are licensed. When a customer receives the updated component installation media, they will also receive a license file for their purchased components. This license must be "installed" for each component.

The Collector Converters are discussed below.


  • In the Manager module, click Plugins -> ReadSoft Collector.


  • In the Collector dialog, choose the Plugins tab.


  • Highlight the Collector Converter Main component and click the Edit button.

Edit button.JPG

  • Click the small gear, as shown below, to open the licensing dialog.

small gear.JPG

  • Use the dialog to browse to the license file


  • Choose the license file, then click Ok to close the Collector dialogs.

licesne file.JPG

  • Validate that the license file is valid for this component.


  • Click Ok in each successive dialog to save the changes.

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Product Version Build Environment Hardware
Collector Converters 20xxx 20xxx ALL ALL

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