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How to locate the default location for log files in ReadSoft INVOICES

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In order to provide log files to Support for INVOICES, you will need to locate the directory where they are stored for each client. 

Core product logs are stored in the root of the Log directory as well as in the dated EHLog folders found in the root. Each EHLog directory corresponds to a different date.



Open Windows Explorer and enter %READSOFTINVOICESLOCAL% into the Address bar, then press Enter.

Open the EILOCAL.ini file with your favorite text editor, such as Notepad.

In the [Directory] section, locate the entry for Logfile.

Copy the folder path (everything on this line after the equal (=) sign) into the Clipboard, then paste it into the Address bar from the first step. Press Enter.

This is the Logfile directory for ReadSoft INVOICES by  Kofax.

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