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How to make a back page into a front page when scanning

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Customer is scanning double-sided invoices and wishes to have the back pages interpreted for use as invoice pages.


Add the INI file setting ConvertAllBackPagesToFrontPagesInTheseJobs to your solution.


Some invoices or appendices have information printed on the back of one or more pages. These are referred to as two-sided invoices.

Invoices can capture single item fields on the first and last pages (front side only).

Line item fields can also be captured on both sides (front and back) of all pages. To do this, use ConvertAllBackPagesToFrontPagesInTheseJobs to list the job descriptions that include the invoices on which you want to capture line item fields on both sides of all pages.

 For important additional information, please refer to "Two-sided invoices: Overview" in Invoices Help.

Valid values

Comma-separated list of job descriptions. No spaces are allowed.

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Two-sided invoices: Overview:



Article # 3049046
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