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How to make an invoice profile inactive

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There are many reasons to make an invoice profile inactive, such as the need to update a field profile, add a new header or line field, remove fields, etc. In each of these cases where the customer wishes to apply the changes to the existing invoice definitions, the invoice profile must be made inactive.

NOTE: In order to set an invoice profile to inactive, all invoices must be processed out of the system or rerouted to another invoice profile while the changes are made. The invoice records can be rerouted back to the original profile and reinterpreted when the changes are made and the profile is active and saved.


In the Manager module, right click on the invoice profile to be changed, then click Open. The icon turns light gray.

Right click on the profile again and choose Settings. The dialog below is displayed.


If the option to choose Inactive is grayed-out, there are still invoice objects in the profile. Then follow these steps:

a) Please count with a recent INVOICES database backup. Assure that INVOICES PMServices are stopped.

b)Open Manager module, Administration menu, Unlock database, Objects: all.

c) At Administration menu, Clear Database , at object select "invoices" and select connected only with your profile

Then proceed to make the profile inactive.

Click Ok to close the dialog and make the necessary updates to the invoice profile.

Once complete, the profile and definitions can be saved and made active in order to process invoices. If you previously rerouted invoices to another profile to make these changes, the records can be routed back at this time.


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Article # 3045850
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