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How to prevent a field from appearing in Verify

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A specific field can be configured so it will not appear in the INVOICES Verify module.

To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Open the invoice profile.
    1. Right-click the invoice profile name and choose Open from the menu.
  2. If the profile is Active, right-click on the profile name, click Settings, then select the Inactive check box and click Ok.
  3. Expand Field Profiles, right-click the field profile to be hidden in the Verify module, click Open, then click Options.
  4. Click No verification.
    1. Click Ok to save the settings on the field.
  5. Right-click the profile name and choose Save.
    1. Be sure to use the dialog to update all field profile changes to the invoice definitions.
  6. Return to the Settings dialog from step 2 and make the profile Active. Click Ok.
  7. Right-click and choose Close to close the profile. If prompted, be sure to save the changes again.
Note-Icon.png Note: The other choices in the Options section include No interpretation, which prevents the field from being interpreted in Verify, and Inactive, which makes the field unavailable for use.

Fields can also be enabled or disabled in the INVOICES Optimize module, but this change only affects certain invoices.

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