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How to reroute invoices when editing an Invoice Profile in INVOICES

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When editing an Invoice Profile in INVOICES, pending invoices assigned to the profile will need to be processed before the profile can be edited. Alternatively, the invoices can be rerouted to another profile temporarily in order to be able to edit the Invoice Profile.

To reroute invoices to a different profile, do the following:


Note: Approved status invoices cannot be rerouted, so these must be transferred out of the system before edits can be made. Additionally, Rejected status invoices will be reprocessed if rerouted, so these should be deleted along with any invalid invoices. The system should be kept clean by consistently removing rejected or invalid invoices by deletion. It is advised to run an integrity check and repair before making profile changes.

  1. Stop all invoice import processing and scanning.
  2. In the INVOICES Manager module, open the Invoice Profile list, then filter the list by typing the name of the profile at the top of the Profile column.
  3. Right-click anywhere in the profile list, then click Select All.
  4. Right-click the highlighted list, then click Unlock to unlock all invoice objects.
  5. Right-click the highlighted list once more, then click Reroute. If ScanHelper is being used, click Cancel in the first dialog after clicking Reroute.
  6. Click the desired profile in the Reroute window, then click OK.
  7. Once all of the invoices have been rerouted to a different profile, deactivate the invoice profile and perform any desired changes.
  8. When the changes have been saved, repeat the steps to reroute the invoices back to the profile.
Note-Icon.png Note: This process has the added benefit of re-interpreting invoices with the new profile settings.

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