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How to skip problematic Invoices for Interpret or Transfer

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Question / Problem: 

There is a long list of Invoices pending for Interpret, or in approved status waiting to be transferred, but every time a start the Interpret or Transfer service or they are run as a module it will hang on this one Invoice. How can I skip this Invoice and make sure that the other Invoices are processed. 

Answer / Solution: 

The Interpret or transfer module, either running as a service or as an interactive module, will process the Invoices using the order defined in the Interpret or transfer Job that is used. If there is a problem with the first Invoice that is pending interpretation, it will try this one invoices every time the job is called. It can happen that this Invoices hangs up the Interpret or Transfer creating a long list of Invoices waiting for processing. You may want to skip this Invoice, but make sure that all other Invoices are processed.

Steps to follow:

  1. Open the Interpret or Transfer Job that is used. Check the options.
  2. This job will try to Interpret the oldest Invoice first.
  3. First of all stop the Interpret and Transfer services.
  4. Change the sorting order so Interpret or Transfer will process the newest Invoices first. In the example you could change the sorting from Ascending to Descending.
  5. Run Interpret or Transfer manually. Start the Interpret or Transfer job now. It will work its way back, processing the pending Invoices in reverse order. In the end it will of course hang on the same Invoice again. But you will have processed all other Invoices this way.
  6. In the meantime you can check the issue with this problematic Invoice, possibly deleting it and processing it again.
  7. After solving the issue with this Invoice, don't forget to change the order back to the way it was before.
  8. restart the Interpret and Transfer services.


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Author:  Henk Veenendaal

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