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Updating invoice definitions after an invoice profile change

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You want to make a change to an existing invoice profile and the existing definitions. For example, you want to add a field to an invoice profile and then update each existing definition to include the new field.



In order to update the existing invoice definitions with profile changes, you must work from an inactive profile and choose to update the existing definitions as follows:

  1.  When you choose a profile item to change, you will be prompted that the profile has connected invoice definitions. If no prompt is shown, discontinue the process as no definitions will be updated.
    connected deffs.JPG
  2. Perform the required change, such as the new field created via the dialog below.

    new field.JPG
  3. When the updated profile is saved, you will be prompted to update the existing definitions.

    1. NOTE: If the option to update the field definition is available and not selected, it will not be updated.

      1. Definition Update.JPG

  4. When the updates/changes have been correctly saved, the existing invoice definition is updated.

    Definition Updated.JPG





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