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Visibility of user remarks within Verify

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Is it possible to get the ‘actual user remark’ in the ‘User remark’ column, instead of a timestamp, in Verify? 



As of the current Invoices solution, no. This functionality is not present. To view remarks, please see the section from the Invoices help file below:


"Add remarks to invoice data

To add a note to the record of a particular invoice while verifying invoices, select Invoice > User remark. This command can be useful if you want to mark an invoice as particularly urgent.

Viewing user remarks

Using Verify:

  • When verifying invoices, select Invoice > Information to view invoice information, including the process log that contains user remarks for the current invoice.
  • Alternatively, right-click an invoice in the inbox and select Process log. User remarks are highlighted in bold.

You can add a user remark column to the Verify inbox to see which invoices have user remarks. Follow the standard procedure for defining what columns to display and select User remark in Column data.

Using Manager:

  • In the Invoices dialog, right-click an invoice and select Process log. User remarks are highlighted in bold. Invoices that have user remarks have a timestamp in the User remark column.

In the output:


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