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PDF format requirements for INVOICES

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What type of PDF files are supported for INVOICES?



Correct PDF (Portable Document Format) file format conforms to the specification published by Adobe or by ISO. The fact that a file can be read by Acrobat Reader does not make it a correct PDF

Instructions for suppliers:

  • Use a tool that results in correct PDFs. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems often contain functions that produce invalid PDF files.
  • Invoices: Generate PDF version 1.6 or lower (earlier).
  • Use standard fonts that do not need to be embedded in the PDF file. This is particularly important if you use the PDF function supplied with an ERP system. 

Tip In a PDF file, text can be treated as images or text. A PDF containing text that is retained as text results in a smaller file size, while a PDF containing text generated as images results in a simpler structure inside the PDF file. However, whether a PDF is generated as an image or text will not have any effect on its processing in a Kofax system.

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