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Supported Mail Protocols for COLLECTOR

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Which mail protocols are supported by Collector?


ReadSoft Collector makes it possible to connect and retrieve email and attachments from mail servers that support these standard messaging protocols:

• MAPI or Messaging Application Program Interface (example: Microsoft Exchange Server)

• IMAP or Internet Message Access Protocol (example: Lotus Notes)

• EWS or Exchange Web Services (example: EWS Managed API works with all versions of Microsoft Exchange Server starting with Exchange 2007 SP1)

• EWS with OAuth 2.0

It has not been possible to certify or guarantee all possible MAPI or IMAP configurations in connection with all available mail servers. However, these mail servers have been tested successfully:

• Microsoft Exchange 2010 (MAPI and 64-bit clients are not supported-use IMAP in that case instead)

• Microsoft Exchange 2013 (as of HF8)

• Gmail

• Lotus Notes Domino Server

• Office 365 (Use IMAP or EWS. This off-premise solution is dependent upon an internet connection and performance is not guaranteed)


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