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Cannot find Country Profiles in the GlobalPath

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Error when attempting to start any of the INVOICES-modules:  "Cannot find 'Country Profiles' in the GlobalPath"



The error message "Cannot find Country Profile in Globalpath" typically occurs for one of these reasons: 

  • The Eilocal.ini file on the user's machine is pointing to an incorrect GlobalPath location
  • There is some type of network issue and the workstation can't access the Server, or GlobalPath share
  • The user doesn't have sufficient access rights to the Globalpath folder. Full read/write access is required for all Invoices users (both NTFS and Share permissions)
  • The Country Profile folder is missing from the Globalpath. (**most likely not the issue if other users can access this location)


Please confirm this user has sufficient access to the Invoices GlobalPath:

  • Open Windows Explorer on the user's machine and type %readsoftinvoiceslocal% and press Enter
  • In this folder, open the Eilocal.ini file using any Text editor,  and copy the Globalpath= location
  • Go back to Windows Explorer and paste in the location for the GlobalPath and press Enter.
  • Confirm the user can access this location
  • Also confirm the user can create, update, and delete files from this same location

If any of these actions fail for this user, then the customer's internal IT team will need to investigate why the user doesn't have sufficient access.

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Article # 3029700
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