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Characters and numbers are not being picked up and shown correctly in Verify

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Characters and numbers are not being picked up and shown correctly in Verify.

For example, there is a value of 32.00 on the invoice image but the value is being picked up as 3.00 even when you draw around it.




Known OmniPage issue in earlier versions of INVOICES 6.0.3


This is a known problem if you are using an earlier build of INVOICES version 6.0.3 before patch 5 ( – Build 21089) To resolve the issue you will need to update INVOICES to patch 5 and update the OmniPage OCR engine on all machines.

The patch can be downloaded from the e-delivery site (See link in references)

Please check the release notes that come with the patch and be aware of the following section:

  • Before installing the Invoices patch, uninstall the existing OmniPage manually and install the latest version of OmniPage (OmniPage Ultimate provided with this package.
  • For Invoices 6.0.3 fix pack 5 and later, make sure you use the "OmniPage Ultimate" engine provided with Invoices 6.0.3 fix pack 5.
  • For better extraction and recognition, make sure that the value of "SaveExtractedImagesInBWTiff" flag is set "2".


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Applies to  

Product Version Build Environment Hardware
ReadSoft INVOICES 6.0.3 Affects all 6.0.3 versions before build 21089    


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Article # 3030580
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