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Corrupt data in INVOICES system

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Corrupt data can generate errors, unexpected behavior or cause the INVOICES modules to crash. This can result in time spent troubleshooting and invoice processing delays.


It's important to determine the reasons for the data corruption and to solve the problem as fast as possible to prevent further damage.  Data corruption has a variety of causes most of them are related to incorrect INVOICES system configuration and installation, Interruption of data processing or transmission which causes information to be lost or inconsistent data.

- Incorrect configuration - Such as different INVOICES versions / builds connected to the same database.

  (This is the main cause that generates a corrupt object in the database, it's important to make sure that all servers / workstations which are connected to the same database are using the same INVOICES build number).

- Wrong transaction setting for your database in eiglobal.ini file

- Network failure or latency.

- INVOICES servers / workstations that are running out of disk space.

- Databases issue (large transaction log, full data or log files)

- Restart / shutdown workstation without closing the INVOICES modules correctly. 


- Make sure that all servers/workstations connected to the same database uses the same INVOICES build number.

- Make sure that transactions setting is set properly according to you database in eiglobal.ini file

- Check server resources (CPU load, memory consumption and disks space).

- Oracle or SQL Server Database maintenance is very important to keep INVOICES system running smoothly.

- To keep the INVOICES system running smoothly, it is important to detect and repair discrepancies in the database. INVOICES makes this task easy with database maintenance plans

(Apart from handling corrupt data objects, the INVOICES database maintenance feature can also clear objects that are no longer needed, making INVOICES system more        efficient)

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