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FlexLM: License file does not support this version

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After installing a new license.dat file, the following error occurs in the Invoices log.

Error Code:
    ErrCode = 13567
    Errtype = 104
    ErrId = 0
    ErrId2 = 0
    Error message: License error
    AddErrMsg = License file does not support this version
Feature:       EIMNGR
Application version > License version: 1.002 > 1.001
License path:  C:\flexlm\license.dat
FLEXlm error:  -21,126



The license.dat file is invalid by reason of the incorrect version: Application version > License version: 1.002 > 1.001.



Please contact the Kofax department from which the license was file was obtained and provide the license along with the error message displayed, usually If the issue is not resolved, please open a support ticket and include a copy of your current license, as well as the new (failing) license file, plus the log file indicating the error message.

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ReadSoft INVOICES All      



Article # 3040442
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