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How to identify invoice that causes transfer crash

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The Transfer Service is not processing Approved invoices.


1.       Stop the Transfer service

2.       Open the Transfer module and run the transfer job manually

If the modules crashes, please open the module again and then go into the job settings (By clicking on the cog icon) and change the sort order from “Descending” to “Ascending”


3.       The job should then process some invoices until it crashes again.

(As we have changed the sort order of the job it will have processed the other invoices and will now be getting stuck on the one which is causing the problem)

4.       Now Open Manager and list the invoices in the system. Navigate to the “Status” column and look for invoices with an approved status.

There should only be one remaining, please make a note of the remaining invoice and then delete and reprocess it.

 If it does not go through correctly the second time please raise a support case.


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Article # 3011074
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