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Inconsistent capture of fields after upgrade of INVOICES

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After upgrading INVOICES to a newer or latest release build, the OCR capture of some suppliers' invoices may exhibit these behaviors:

  • Missing field values
  • Inconsistent capture of fields
  • Missing characters of fields



There are numerous possible cause for these issues such as:

  • Incorrect optimization in definitions from prior version of INVOICES
  • Depreciated or new features of  INVOICES
  • Corrupted definition
  • Old or poor example of learning invoice in definition



There are a few suggested solutions to prevent and remedy these types of issues:

  • Always perform application database maintenance prior to , and immediately after any upgrade project to detect and remove corrupted or compromised invoice definitions
  • Re-optimization of the supplier's definition 
  • Updating the learning invoice using "Save to Optimize" in Verify
  • Deleting the invoice definition and allowing the system to recreate automatically, then optimizing

If the recommended solutions did not resolve the capture issues, please contact Kofax Technical Support


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Article # 3039793
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