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License Error: 13564,104,0 Licensed number of users already reached

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When launching INVOICES modules the following error message is displayed.

Manager Error.png


This message indicates that there are more invoice modules running simultaneously than the license allows.


  • Open the "c:\Flexlm" folder on the licensing server.
  • Run lmtools.exe > 'Server Status' tab > click "Perform status enquiry" button. Scroll down to find the information about the INVOICES module reported in the error message. In the example below EIMNGR refers to the Manager module.     

                         server status.png

Ask the user who is working on that machine to close the module.

If the user is not in the module then the license maybe stuck and this can be cleared by restarting the Flexlm service by following these steps.

Click on the Start/Stop/Reread  tab > select option "Force server shutdown" > Then click Stop Server, wait for a few seconds and then click Start Server

NOTE: it is not mandatory, but it is preferable to perform this action with all users out of the system.

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Article # 3032221
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