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New installed INVOICES is not working with VRS

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In a new installation of INVOICES, Scan module is not working with VRS.



Could be different causes:

1 - Configuration

2 - Lack of appropriate drivers

3 - Lack of appropriate VRS version

4 - Other software Interfering. For example, when there is the error message: "Image Processing Software Option can be used on the 9 days. When using this software continuously, please purchase the product version. When the product version is used, please uninstall the trial version. "



1 - Follow Kofax ReadSoft Invoices (version  6.1.0) - Installing Kofax VRS guide.

2 - Assure that ISIS drivers of the scanner are installed, the appropriate ones for the operating system.

3 - Assure that VRS version is 5.1 or higher. You can have problems with lower versions due operating system incompatibility. See at references section how to obtain OEM software.

4 - At trying to Scan, If you obtain an error message related Image Processing Software Option, please uninstall this Fujitsu software from control panel , installed programs. 

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Article # 3034521
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