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Supplier does not exist error in Verify

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Cannot select a supplier in Verify although it exists in the master data



-Master Data is not correct: the supplier does not exist for the same Corporate Group ID of the buyer.

-Invoice definition does not match the master data information anymore or it is corrupted.



1 - At Verify module, at the invoice, select the buyer. Then click on the link Supplier and select the supplier from this list. If it does not exist, please ask your INVOICES administrator to update the suppliers list with the desired supplier.


2 - If the suggestion above does not solve the issue, close Verify module.

3 - Open Optimize module and open the invoice definition you are having problems with.

4 - Change the supplier to any other one then save the definition.

5 - Open the same definition again but this time change the supplier back to the correct one by selecting it at the supplier list (clicking at Supplier Number) and save it.

6 - Now if you open Verify you should be able to select that supplier. You can also get around this by deleting and recreating the definition.


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Article # 3030292
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