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Document Subtype functionality (preview)

New way of handling separate invoice categories (subtypes)

We have developed a new method to automatically classify different invoice categories. The method is in preview mode and is enabled by request for select customers.

Document subtypes are helpful for administrators because they consolidate and simplify document-type settings. For Office users, it means ReadSoft Online can automatically detect the document type when uploading invoices. Online Office users can also change the document subtype during verification.

The Invoice subtypes

Currently there are three subtypes:

  • Expense invoices
  • Purchase order invoices 
  • Credit notes

To use the document subtype functionality, all three document types must be enabled. It is also important to specify the country both in the customer's and buyers (if any) company details. 

Extraction and automated selection of document type

The three subtypes can be configured differently, depending on the type of invoice and the customer's need. All fields are optional except for two fields: InvoiceCredit and InvoiceOrderNumber, since they are the fields that we use to classify the invoice type. 

  • The InvoiceCredit field must be enabled on all three document types. 
  • The InvoiceOrderNumber field must be added to PO document type and cannot be used on Expense invoices and is optional on Credit notes.

During extraction, all fields on all three subtypes are interpreted, making the data available in the background. In a next step the credit/debit field and the PO number field are used to determine which subtype to select.

  • When ReadSoft Online recognizes the invoice as a credit, the credit note subtype is always used.
  • If it is a debit invoice, ReadSoft Online searches for a PO number. When a PO number is found, the PO subtype is used.
  • If no PO number is found the Expense invoice subtype is used.

When a subtype is recognized, only the fields specified for that subtype are visible. 

Manual type selection

If an invoice has been incorrectly classified, the Office user has an option to change the subtype and thus get the proper set of visible fields.

Configuration of input email address

When the subtype preview is enabled, the document type selection in the email input configuration should be left empty. The system will automatically select one of the subtypes during extraction.

Multiple languages

If a customer needs to process invoices in multiple regions, buyers may be used. The country specified in the buyer details is used to determine the correct set of document subtypes. For example, if a customer has local offices in France, Great Britain and Ireland, they need three buyers, one for each country. Each buyer must have all three document subtypes that match the country of the buyer. When the invoice is sent to the system, the matching set of document types will automatically be used. If no country is selected on a buyer, or if a country is added which is not supported by ReadSoft Online, the document receives the input failed status. 

Activation of the functionality

The functionality can be requested to be enabled by contacting Support.

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