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This Article is intended to provide the information partners and customers support teams would use troubleshooting issues in their RSO accounts and environments.

RSO Product Documentation

Since ReadSoft Online is a cloud service, the documentation and help is located on the same server. The help link can be found in the upper right corner of the production web page.

Details on Patches, Updates and Fixes

There are no list of patches and fixes. Since all have the same version there is no need for those. In the help documentation we have a "What's new" page that is updated after each deployment.

Access to the Technical Support Diagnostic Tools developed by Kofax

There is a tool called Connect Diagnostic that is used to troubleshoot issues in the customer environment. This tool collects logs for Online Connect, among other things.

Details on Migrating & Cloning Environments

There are no tools for cloning, but you can export and import users.

RSO Log File Locations

Document history logs are visible in both user and admin view.
Audit trail is available in the admin view

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Readsoft Online current



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