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Adding Custom fields in NAV integration

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Connecting a custom field in ReadSoft Online to a field in NAV

In order to have the custom fields to properly synchronize, you need to configure both ReadSoft Online and NAV


Set up the Custom field in ReadSoft Online

Just add it like you normally add a custom field. In the Extraction settings navigate into the selected document type and create the custom field.



The NAV integration uses the RSO XML 2.0 so the new custom field will appear in the XML output, the same way it would if you were using any other target system using the 2.0, like the XML locally (2.0 - 20111014 XML format).



Connect the new Custom field in NAV

To get it into NAV you have to map it in NAV Data Exchange Definition for OCRINVOICE (and possibly also for OCRCREDITMEMO). Like this:


Make sure that the field name in the <name> tag corersponds with the name in NAV.

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