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The incremental setting in Online Connect


Question / Problem: 

When I try to integrate master data (supplier) via Readsoft Online Connect I check incremental but it overwrites and replaces all existing data. I believe the incremental function doesn't work at all. 

roc incremental.png

Answer / Solution: 

The Incremental  setting does not work the way you think. 

When Incremental upload is selected, Master data in Readsoft Online will be modified to match the contents of XML file. Meaning if a supplier in the uploaded XML file already exists in Readsoft Online it will be updated, not replaced.

When Incremental upload is not selected, Master data in Readsoft Online will be replaced with the contents of the XML file, even if the supplier in the XML already exists in Readsoft Online.

In both cases, master data is not uploaded incrementally.

In the XML file, Always include all the Master data you want to see in Readsoft Online.


Applies to:  

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Readsoft Online  



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