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Using a custom domain for Email input services


Question / Problem: 

How can I have my own domain in the email input addresses?

Answer / Solution: 

There is a short description about this in the help:

What you do is that you add an MX record that points to "" in the DNS settings on the your own domain. 

MX record for custom email domain.png

Then you need to contact your Kofax representative and one of our root level admins will change the Email domain name in the Email input setting on partner level. 

change email domain name.png

All new customer you create after that will have this custom email domain

If you want this for existing customer accounts a Kofax RSO admin need to change that.custom email default.png

create new email input custom2.png

If you have an existing customer where you already have setup a series of email input addresses and have now changed the Email domain name, these older email input addresses will still work

custom and default.png


Applies to:  

Product Version
Readsoft Online 10



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