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Capture rate in Analytics

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How can I see the capture rate for a field using Analytics?



The capture rate is true positive + false negative, (not only true positive).

True positive - ReadSoft Online captured the field correctly and assigned the Complete status to the field. The user did not change the field value during verification. In this case, ReadSoft Online and the user agree the field was captured correctly.

False negative - ReadSoft Online either generated a warning due to a validation rule (business rule, field format etc.) or had trouble finding the field and assigned the Uncertain status to the field. The user confirmed the field value without changing it. In other words, the field was captured correctly, even though ReadSoft Online was not sure about its correctness. In this case, the user determined that ReadSoft Online did capture the uncertain field correctly.

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Information about Supplier identification and field extraction


Article # 3024079
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